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无论是雅思听力、阅读还是写作,词汇是基础,下面津桥小编就整理了提高雅思听力需掌握的100个词汇内容,供同学们参考。 无论是雅思听力、阅读还是写作,词汇是基础,下面津桥小编就整理了提高雅思听力需掌握的100个词汇内容,供同学们参考。
31,benefit concert 慈善音乐会   We need to let everyone know about the benefit concert, but we dont have much money for advertising.   32, busy signal 占线   Ive been calling David for the past half hour, but I keep getting a busysignal.   33,在线英语培训哪家好,韦老师www.tjxay.coM有十年教学经验。between you and me 你我之间, ** 密   34,call for   A,打电话找   Tom just called for you.   B,预报   The forecast calls for heavy rain again tonight. Arent you glad well be   getting away from this for a week?   C,问   Its probably in the new part of town. Well have to call for directions.   35, call it a day 就此结束   A: Im really glad our club decides to raise money for the childrens   hospital, and most of the people weve phoned seemed happy to contribute.   B: Yeah, I agree. Now weve gone through all the numbers on our list now,   so I guess we can call it a day.   36,cash the check 兑现支票   Have your sister cashed her paycheck?   37,clear off 收拾,整理   Its about time we clear off the desk.   38,come down (雨,雪)下起来   The heavy rain is coming down, now.   39, come in first in the race 比赛第一名   Not only did Jill come in first in the race but she also had her best   running time of the season.   40,come what may 不管怎样   Well pick you up tomorrow at eight, come what may.   41,cost somebody an arm and a leg   A: Did you see the diamond ring Bill gave to Linda?   B: I sure did. It must have cost him an arm and a leg.   42, cut it out 闭嘴   I told you to cut it out.   43,be cut out for 生来时做的   Dr. Hamilton doesnt feel Larry is cut out for the medical profession.   44,department chair 系主任   I didnt write that memo to the department chair.   45,dirt cheap 非常便宜   A: Youve already furnished your apartment?   B: Ive found some used furniture that was dirt cheap.

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